Experimental Flavor Physics

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Master Theses

  • Tobias Jenegger, Grid Computing and Particle Identification Performance Study with Untagged Lambda0 -> p pi-. 2019
  • Pascal Schmolz, Test of isospin symmetry in Y(4S) decays, 2019.
  • Benjamin Haser, Branching fraction measurement of B -> K(*) nu anti-nu decays with an inclusive tagging at the Belle II experiment, 2018.
  • Kilian Lieret, Construction of Angular Observables Sensitive to New Physics in B -> D* tau nu Decays and Measurements of Differential Cross Sections of B -> D* l nu Decays with Hadronic Tagging at Belle, 2018.
  • Philipp Meyer, Reconstruction of the lepton flavor violating decay B -> tau l at Belle II, 2018.
  • Antonio Yusta Espla, Validation of Belle II analysis framework searching for the decay B -> l gamma in Belle data, 2017.