Experimental Flavor Physics

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Belle II Virtual Reality

For outreach purposes we have developed a virtual reality (VR) visualization of the Belle II particle detector. Particle collisions are simulated and the viewer follows the path of the particles generated in the collision through the detector.

The software can be downloaded here: VR event display [ZIP, 87MB]. The popular VR systems Oculus and HTC Vive are both supported; the only requirement is SteamVR which can be obtained via the Steam client.

Image: Outreach

Belle II Masterclass

Furthermore, the Belle II collaboration offers an interactive tool to explore a small data sample of the Belle II experiment. While being very close to the actual concept of our analyses, it all runs conveniently in your browser without any programming skills required! Go to masterclass.ijs.si and start your particle adventure!

As part of our activities, we collaborate with local high schools and conduct “masterclasses” with students. After teaching some of the fundamentals of particle physics, students use our software to make their first particle discoveries. Are you a student interested in unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos? That’s right, just contact us to become a particle scientist for one day as well!

Starting in 2020, we also contribute to a special event, the International Belle II Masterclass. Students around the globe assemble at their research centers and conduct their analyses together. In a final video conference, the results are presented to each other.

Our friends from the ATLAS experiment also offer a similar experience: ATLAS masterclass.

masterclass_blocksInterface of the Belle II masterclass: A whole analysis can be built up using drag & drop elements