Experimental Flavor Physics

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Fundamental QuestionsImage Space

The standard model of particle physics is very successful in describing experimental results so far. But we know that it can only be an approximation of a more general theory. For example the standard model does not provide an asymmetry between matter and anti-matter that is sufficient to explain the universe as we observe it today.

Flavor Physics

Icon: SearchA promising way to search for physics beyond the standard model, called new physics, is the measurement of elementary particle processes with very high precision. New particles could contribute as virtual particles to such processes and lead to a deviation of the measurement from the standard model prediction.

Belle II

Image: DeviceAn ideal place for such an indirect search for new physics is the Belle II experiment which is constructed in Tsukuba, Japan. It will collect two orders of magnitude more data than its predecessor and therefore make measurements with unprecedented precision possible.

Research at LMU

Our group is working on the following areas of the Belle II experiment
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* Analyses of B mesons to search for new physics in rare decays, with the option to exploit data from its predecessor experiment Belle.

* The development of core software components and analysis tools.

* The construction of the pixel vertex detector.


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